Ribadeo Camiño Norte


About us

Enthusiasm and passion for bikes are on its DNA. Here you will find the best makes of bikes, components and accessories for the cyclist.

A wide range of products, prime makes, competitive prices and an expert advice to choose the most suitable bike or accesory for your needs.

They also have a repair shop and a specialized assembly service of bikes on demand.


Top brands

In PillaBikes you will find bicycles and accessories from leading brands, thus guaranteeing quality and safety


Whether you need a bike for tracks, mountain or road, at PillaBikes you will find what you need.

Expert hands

With years of experience endorsing their work, the PillaBikes mechanics will leave your bike ready for the road.


After the purchase or review, one of the experts will give you the keys to take care of and maintain the proper functioning of your bicycle.

Services for pilgrims


Sale of necessary equipment for the Way: panniers, lighting and reflectors, clothes and footwear, basic took kit, etc.

Express repair

Repair, maintenance and fine tuning of bikes.
Mechanical assistance.