Ribadeo Camiño Norte

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The town council of Ribadeo, showed above the Eo and its mouth, the river that marks the modern Astur-Galaic border, combines the two most common features of the Galician geography: green inland valleys and an coast where green and blue share space.

The town council of Ribadeo comprises three worlds: the inland (east to west, the forests, crops and meadowlands of

Ove, Vilausende, Couxela, Covelas, Cedofeita, Arante and Remourelle); the flat coast (Vilaselán, Piñeira, Vilaframil, Rinlo and A Devesa), and the coastline, whose demographic epicenter is the seafood village and the one-time whaling of Rinlo; the coastline where beaches and cliffs alternate and the sea has carved coves, caves and arches such as those of the beach of As Catedrais.

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