Ribadeo Camiño Norte

Parador de Ribadeo






About us

The Parador de Ribadeo offers an excellent viewpoint overlooking the ria. This large Galician house is located at the mouth of the Eo River in a lovely seaside tourist town, surrounded by greenery and gazing out to sea. The magnificent location near the border between Galicia and Asturias offers unparalleled views of the Galician countryside, the Ria of Ribadeo, and the Asturian villages on the opposite shore.

The hotel has an elegant and beautiful style dominated by maritime features. The guest rooms are comfortable, offering a splendid panoramic view matched by the view you will discover in the dining room. Don’t miss the chance to sample the exquisite traditional Galician cuisine, which features dishes such as empanada (savory pie), pork shoulder and seafood, as well as Galician wines.

Special services

In a privileged environment

With views over the Ribadeo Estuary, a natural cove of great ecological and environmental importance.

Tourist quality

Based on a comprehensive, differentiated, accessible and personalized quality service, committed to the natural, economic and historical environment.


The Ribadeo Estuary 

Located in front of the Ría de Ribadeo, in an unbeatable natural environment, part of the Río Eo, Oscos y Terras de Burón Biosphere Reserve

Beautiful style

All  comforts in a beautiful site with a seafaring atmosphere, elegant and beautiful style.


The guest rooms are comfortable, offering a splendid panoramic view.


Traditional Galician cuisine, in a pleasant atmosphere with unbeatable attention.

Services for pilgrims

Special offer
on accommodation

It has an special accommodation rate for pilgrims and discounts in the restaurant and the café by showing the credential.

Take away

It has the elaboration of the pilgrim's kit, a menu composed of a batch of food, drink and dessert to take and consume throughout the day.

Express laundry service

Available at the establishment itself.

Rucksacks transfer

Safekeeping and transfer luggage.

Bike storage

Bike storage and basic spare services.

Adapted to pilgrims opening times

Local information about
the Way

We provide local information about the Way as well as weather forecast.

Pet Friendly

Kit for their pet in their room, consisting of a bed for the pet and a food bowl and food suited to the size of your pet.