Ribadeo Camiño Norte


About us

We are committed to differentiation and quality, which is why for years we have only used Specialty Coffee – high-quality Arabica coffee produced in a sustainable way.

We roast it ourselves – without chemicals or sugars – every week and then we serve it in the cafeteria, we distribute it to others or we sell it privately from the physical store or online.

Our mission is to offer a high quality product and the option to enjoy it from start to finish, from the time the green bean is in our hands until the customer tastes it.

Special services


Our mission

We offer a high quality product, from the time the green bean is in our hands until the customer tastes it.

Our specialties

Specialty coffee, elaborated coffees, imperial teas, ecological/medicinal infusions, breakfasts, snacks,…

Toaster and coffee maker

Equipped with the latest technologies, this cafeteria has its own toaster and one of the 3rd “Modbar” coffee machines in Spain.

Take it ground or in grain

In addition to enjoying it in the cafeteria, you can take our freshly roasted specialty coffee home. Place your order online or visit us.

Services for pilgrims

Pilgrim´s menu

Breakfast and snack service

Take away

Coffees to take away

Local Information about the Way

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1,80 €   Mantequilla y mermelada (monodosis)
2,00 €   Aceite de oliva y tomate natural
3,00 €   Aceite de oliva, tomate natural y jamón serrano
2,50 €   Queso de untar y mermelada (tomate o piña)
3,50 €   Crema de queso y aguacate con jamón serrano
3,50 €   Plátano, crema de cacahuete y chocolate
3,50 €   Crema de queso, pavo y huevo cocido
2,00 €   Nutela


2,oo €  Yogur o chocolate


1,20 €   Croissant, croissant de mantequilla, napolitana, bollo suizo, caracola, muji….
2,50 €   Croissant a la plancha (mantequilla y mermelada)
3,50 €   Croissant mixto (jamón cocido y queso)


3,00 €   Sandwich mixto
1,80 €   Pinchos (pollo, lomo, filete o tortilla)

Tartas caseras

3,00 €   Bizcocho japonés queso y limón
3,00 €   Bizcocho japonés chocolate