Ribadeo Camiño Norte


About us

In Anima Mundi Ribadeo we go for the called Nautral Medicines, without renouncing the wonderful benefits the conventional techniques offer. We want to integrate the best of human knowledge and experience into the field of animal health, in order to offer the best care to our pets and enjoy more and better their company.

We admit implicitly there is only a medicine and that is… the one that cures, the one really useful for the man and the animals. The one that allows fulfil the life purposes with the greatest well-being and harmony.


Pilgrim services

General check

General check, acupuncture for possible muscular contractions and paws check with treatment for the hardening of pads.

Specialized shop

Feed, collars, leashes, prizes, shampoos and everything that pets need

Cat hotel

An exclusive feline area within the clinic.

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Veterinary clinic - 24-hour emergency