Ribadeo Camiño Norte

Hotel Gastronómico Araucaria



About us

The Hotel is an ‘indiano’ house from 1900 that was renovated as a little charming hotel, with 10 very spacious rooms with bathroom. It stands out because of the comfort of its rooms, the spaciousness and design of its lounges and specially because of its wide garden.

A piece of land with centenary trees that preserves the farmhouse, from 1700 and turned into restaurant, gastronomic reference in A Mariña, where to taste the best products of these lands and the Cantabric. It’s very central, in the Carlos III street, leading to the San Roque street, making up with this, the ‘indiano’ houses route of Ribadeo.

Special services

The Indiano heritage

The building is one of the most representative examples of Indiano legacy preserved in Ribadeo.

Privileged situation

Located in the historic district of San Roque, the Indiano district par excellence, and very close to the historic center of the town.


Indiano heritage

In every room, in every corner, its Indiano atmosphere.

All luxury of yesteryear

Breathe the Indiana tradition in every detail in each of its very spacious rooms with bathroom.


A place to rest, a garden in which to rest the day and let yourself be enveloped with its magic.

Adapted to pilgrims opening times

Schedules of breakfasts and meals adapted. Free buffet breakfast for the first pilgrim.

Services for pilgrims

Special offer on

It has a special offer in accommodation for pilgrims presenting the credential.

Take away

It has the elaboration of the pilgrim's kit, a menu composed of a batch of food, drink and dessert to take and consume throughout the day.

Our rooms

All rooms have the following services: heating, bathroom, welcome detail, digital TV, Internet access.

Massage / physiotherapy service

Possibility of offering special massages for the pilgrim staying at the hotel to promote their recovery.

Laundry service

Express laundry

Rucksacks transfer

We transfer rucksacks and luggage

Bike storage

Bike storage and basic spare services.

Adapted to pilgrims opening times

Local information about the Way

We provide local information about the Way as well as weather forecast.